Annual Administration

Please download and fill out the forms below.
Please send completed forms to [email protected], or mail to our office.
DO NOT FAX administration paperwork.

When your Profit Sharing Plan has reached its year-end and it is time to perform your annual administration; SDCooper Company will need the items listed below in order to complete the annual discrimination testing and tax filing:

1. Payment of $900 (additional $75 if an extension had to be filed).
2. A Profile Update. [Form to left]
3. An Employee Census showing any and all employees (including officers of the company) and their information. [Form to left]
4. A copy of all the monthly bank statements for the Profit Sharing Plan & Trust account.
5. Informal business valuation [Form to left] (may be performed by your accountant) giving an overall company value so we can reflect the growth/decline in corporate stock held by the Plan.

Please complete these forms and return them to SDCooper Company at your earliest convenience. If there were any distributions during the plan year, we will need to see the records indicating that, as soon as possible, so we can prepare the tax forms accordingly. SDCooper must have these copies to prepare the annual tax return for the plan.If your return is not filed by the deadline, the IRS can impose a late fee of $25 per day, up to a maximum $15,000 penalty.