Invest your IRA and 401(k) into your business.

The Original 401(k) Rollover for Business Start-up Plan


With the exit strategy that started it all in 1999,

Without which you have double taxation.

ERSOP® Plans Are:


First and Foremost: the primary retirement plan for your business, for you and for any employees that may become eligible,
Second: ERISA “qualified” plans into which you may rollover your existing qualified accounts: IRAs, 401(a), Defined Benefit, Money Purchase, Profit Sharing, Thrift and Savings, Stock Bonus, ESOP, 401(k), 403(b), most 457s, other retirement plans, and
Third: “eligible individual account plans” permitted to invest plan assets into the stock of your business.

 Easy Process:


You’ll speak directly with the principals – pension and tax specialists [not sales or marketing types],

We want to work with your accountant and your attorney because we respect your existing relationships with other professionals,

We have no conflicts of interest with your retirement funds because we sell no investments,

You’ll receive the information you need up front, and

Generally, it takes just 2 weeks to get the money to move.

 You may use ERSOP® Plan’s money for:


  • Existing Businesses
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Franchises, Non-Franchises
  • Real Estate, Real Property
  • Management
  • Non-Traditional Investments