Services Set-Up Annual Admin
Initial Consultation Free
Follow Up Consultation/Review (To be credited toward Start-Up fee) $500
ERSOP® Plan Most States & Most Clients $4500 *$900
Per Each Additional Adopting Employer $500-$1500 $100
Exsiting S-Corp Revocation $350
Pre-Existing C-Corp or S-Corp $4500-$1500
Subsequent Stock Issuance $500
Per Participant Accounts More Than 5 $40
Participant Terminations/1099-R & 1096 $100
Participant Loans $100 $50
IRS Plan Audit Retainer (if and only if you receive an IRS audit notice.) $500
Amendments to Plan Documents/Administration $500

* Please note: The $900 administration fee includes up to 4 hours of trust accounting. Most clients do not require more than this. Any plan exceeding 4 hours will be charged an additional fee at the hourly rate of the administrator performing the service.