Getting Started

Web Version: Incorporation Questionnaire
PDF Version: Incorporation Questionnaire


If you wish to inject capital into an existing business operating in a C—corporation, please complete one of these questionnaires:

Web Version: ERSOP® Questionnaire

You may use the Magic Words below to contact whomever is currently holding your funds (your prior employer, IRA custodian, broker, etc.) and ascertain just how long it will take to get those funds to move. If you experience difficulty we will assist you in a conference call with them.

If you are currently employed and do not wish to tip you hand that you may be leaving, contact someone who has recently terminated with that employer and ask them how long it took to receive their rollover.

Magic Words


Call whomever is the custodian of your retirement funds [former employer benefits department, HR, broker, mutual fund house] and tell them:

• “I wish to do a ‘direct rollover’ to my new employer’s ERISA qualified plan.”

Then ask them:

• “Will you bank wire the funds?”

If they say yes tell them you will get back to them with the bank wire instructions. If they say no, move on.

Then ask them:

• “Do you have a form you wish me to complete?”


• “Can we do this over the phone?”


• “Do you wish my new employer’s plan to generate a form?”

If they have a form, we will assist you in its completion. If they want our form, contact us and we will send it to you via e-mail. Secure Medallion Signature Guarantees from your bank or broker.

If you have yet to leave your employer:

If you have not left the employer from which you need to secure rollover funds, ask someone who has recently terminated how long it took for them to receive their funds.


Medallion Signature Guarantee

You should secure from your bank a Medallion Signature Guarantee of your signature on your rollover directive / distribution request form even if there is no designated space for it. Medallion Signature Guarantees are services financial institutions, banks, brokers, credit unions, provide each other for their clients. These are not to be confused with notarization which ERISA requires for some spousal signatures. Brokers and insurance companies have been known to sit on these forms for days for lack of this guarantee and not tell you why.